Monthly Archives: May 2016

Reviewing porn websites is truly a great job

Yes, it was 40 years ago the first time that I actually had the opportunity to professionally review a website, I did so through a company that had just hired me and for me in charge of all reviews regarding adult entertainment websites. I even still remember the first website that I actually read you, it is a website that is still functional today, it’s called Brunette Porn Videos and if you want to take a quick look, be my guest!

exgf pins

The most interesting website that I actually reviewed, was roughly 18 months ago, I had a fantastic time checking out this Hot Pornstars website, it is extremely original and there are no other websites in its kind, once that you check out the websites for your self by clicking on the link that I have provided as you can see in this paragraph of words, you also will understand why I was very excited to be used that websites and of course updates roughly every two months, because this website actually improves itself time at the time and basically has not stopped improving itself since it opened.

My next victim will be this Amateur Girls Photos pin-up board, from what I have seen by taking a quick look it is definitely something that I want to look into because it could be a new concept and definitely a new trend that could hit the web anytime soon.